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…and another thing  by John Stettaford

It was good to see everyone once again following the disruption over the New Year holiday. We soon seemed to slip into the weekly routine. Everyone seemed unchanged, although that isn’t necessarily true. We all get progressively older as the weeks pass.

Now, this is not something to get depressed about. Getting older is part of life, and should be embraced as part of life.

My sister was complaining that her knee hurt. But then she explained she’d been playing football with her grandson. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to ask, what does an 80-year-old expect? And we all need to temper our lives with our advances in life.

My first few weeks in school were spent happily playing in the sand pit. Only later did that give way to learning our two-times table. But life stays neither in the sand pit nor in learning our tables.

And the same is true in our Christian lives. We begin with our calling. It’s often compelling, not to be denied—and we know that we have been called.

But our Christianity doesn’t stay that way. Throughout our Christian lives we learn more and more. Sometime it’s more unlearning things we thought we knew as truths, only to discover that they weren’t true at all. Other times areas we’d never ever considered as impinging on our thinking or behaviour as Christians, come suddenly to the fore.

And that’s why Christianity isn’t really ever routine. Oh, we have routines, of course we do. But often we need to consider what we do and how we think in terms of today, rather than years ago, or even last month.

And that’s because Christianity moves on. And what we did back then, even though we knew it to be right and proper back then, is not right and proper necessarily now.

For example, our services haven’t really changed much down the years. We still sing largely the same hymns; we still pray as we did before. I hope that the sermons we hear continue to inspire and instruct, even when the subject is one we have heard many times before. We have introduced Speaking of Life, Communion and intercessory prayer. I hope, again, that these now make a contribution to our weekly Christian lives.

In a very real sense, our services should be at once the capstone of the week and also what sets us up for the week ahead. If there’s anything that can help make that more relevant to your life, please let me know. I know that oftentimes we ‘just turn up’ for services without much additional thought. So let me leave you with this thought, as Christians our services are our routine, but let’s try to make them something more as we have advanced in our Christianity. Let’s try to remember our colleagues in our daily individual intercessory prayers. Let’s think about our contribution to the service. For most of us that is done in our fellowship times, when we identify with and seek to support and uphold our brothers and sisters. Our job is not just to be there, but to enrich, encourage and help our Christian colleagues to make it more successfully for another week.

That tends to kill any idea that attending services is routine and ho-hum. We each have a vital part of play in supporting one another, encouraging each other, and having on-going concern for their wellbeing.

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